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Interactive Design Final Assignment

http://cadenprince.com/assignment%206/ In this assignment I was challenged to think about who I am and how I want to portray myself to people. I kept the design clean, easy to navigate and professional. I did this by having all the pages use the … Continue reading

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Dataset Final

http://cadenprince.com/dataset/ This website was built using an xml folder, from that folder we grabbed the information using Javascript. By doing this I have controlled what will be shown, but not how it will be shown.  

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Here is a design that I have come up with to show the idea that will be in my final project. Below is the increments that I will use along with the dataset. Design 1  

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Personality Test

http://cadenprince.com/Personality%20/personalitytest.html This is my personality quiz that was created using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. This assignment was to increase our understanding of JavaScript. It helped me realize how much time and effort it takes to make websites, and the importance … Continue reading

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