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Bass are built to probe and forage around logs, rocks, and other forms of protective cover. The largemouth have a firm muscular body built primarily for strength rather than for speed. Large adult males prefer to feed on small fish like perch and sunfish, while the small bass will feed on zooplankton and insect larvae.

Bass prefer quiet, calm, and warm water but are very adaptable to other conditions. They are found in rivers, lakes and ponds.

They can truly function well in water that is anywhere from the frigid 30s to the hot 90 degrees fahrenheit. They are most comfortable  in the low 80s.

Bass can learn from their mistakes. If a bass happens to break your hook or line, that bass will take note of that and use the close call as a reminder to avoid similar lures or baits.

They also can’t adjust their eyes to sunlight. Not only do they not have eyelids, but they also have fixed irises, which means that bass have no method for blocking or filtering light before it reaches the retina.

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