The Shavian Alphabet



Explain a card that was given to us during class. My card said to explain the origins of the Shavian Alphabet.


The Shavian alphabet, or Shaw alphabet,  is named after George Bernard Shaw, who saw english alphabet as a waste of time and paper.


So in his will he devised that a competition to be held to create a new writing system for English and made the prize money to be £500 ($706.26) The rules he set for the competition were:

  1. It should be at least 40 letters;
  2. As “phonetic” as possible (that is, letters should have a 1:1 correspondence to phonemes).
  3. 3) distinct from the Latin alphabet to avoid the impression that the new spellings were simply “misspellings”.

The world wide competition took place in 1958 and out of 467 other entries, the winner was Ronald Kingslery Read.

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