Self Critique


There have been many ways in which I have found I need to improve. For starters making sure that I have documented and walked through all the stages of the animation. This helps me keep track of what needs to be done next, along with being able to show future employers the process of my work and not just the final outcome.

When I create animations in the future, I need to focus and spend more time in the modelling, lighting and texturing portion of it all. These are weaknesses I have always had with working with 3D animation. I believe if I spend more time within those aspects of animation and really learn about what exactly I am doing, it will go a long way to help me in the end.

Character development, this is pretty much unseen in my animations so far and its integral part of all animations. Just being aware of this and setting up my camera angles and getting a solid story board ahead of time will really help with my character developing skills.

Rigging is going to probably be one of the hardest things for me to accomplish. I haven’t had a whole lot of experience with it and it can be tricky, on top of that its been a while since I have done it. This will probably take up a good portion of times so I need to make sure I save extra time to get this done.

My overall strategy for this semester is going to be to focus on what I have to do and not get distracted, along with setting a schedule to make sure I have allotted time to get everything done. I also want to focus heavily on the beauty of my animation. This is because in the end I would like to get a job where I am creating and designing characters and/or the stories of animation. So when while working I want to make sure that I focus more so on those areas of the animation.

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