Interactive Write Up 2

For my write up I went to the student showcase at Alfred State. There were many posters and crafts being displayed, but one in particular was exceedingly great in my opinion. At the show there was a lady showing off her robots she created for her robotics class. She had two robots there, one was little with wheels, and the idea behind was it would move forward and when it got to close to a wall it would stop. It had sensors in the front of it that would help it calculated how close it was to the wall and when it should stop.

The interaction between the first robot was pretty minimal and could use some improvement. It really didn’t have any except for turning it on and letting it move. So maybe adding a controller to it, or possibly putting sensors on all four sides of it, that way when you move your hands close to it, it send it in the opposite direction, so you would be the controller and maneuver it around using yourself.

The other robot was sculpted to look like a dragon, it was much more robust and was probably 3 times the size of the smaller one. The dragon ran off of some sort of Arduino board, though the board was much bigger then the Leonardo board I used for class. The dragon had a series of mechanics in it that did various things. First there was a sensor on the head, the sensor again calculated how close or far an object was from it. When an object got close enough it would trigger, causing the whole dragon to move, the wings would flap, the tail would sway back and forth and the mouth opened and closed. I was also told glitter would shoot from its mouth, but they must have run out of it by the time I got there.

The interaction in this one was also limited. By running your hands across its head you could make its mechanics move, this was cool but once you did it once you felt like you were done with it. Unless you were like me, wanting to know how all the mechanics worked inside it. I think adding some wheels and making a controller for it would be optimal for interaction. That way you could move it around the room, then when it would get close to a person it would go off and spray glitter on him/her while it would be moving its mechanics like a dragon.


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