Interactive Music Review

I am writing about playing a guitar, the interaction that comes with it, also the rewards accompanied by the playing. To physically interact with the guitar you use a pick or your fingers on your right hand that you hit the strings with, with your left hand you hold down the strings to change the pitch of the sounds omitting from the strings. Various kinds of motions can come from play the Guitar. The up and down swing with your right arm as you strum the strings. Picking, which is your fingers slightly bending to hit a single string. Your left fingers do a lot of chord changes so they are constantly pressing down and changing position. Along with your arm, which is, constantly moving up and down the neck of the guitar.

With the sounds of a guitar there are all kinds of expression that can be played, especially if you if you play with an electric guitar. There are numerous rewards for playing the guitar. To start the strings move when you hit them, which also causes a vibration in your fingertips. But of course sound is the biggest feedback you get, hitting a note the wrong way gives off immediate sound, which in turn gives off negative feedback. When you hit the desired chords, then you get a immediate pleasing sensation.

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