Write Up Interactive Media

For this write up I went to Bret Llewellyn, the gallery was intriguing because it was all interactive. There was a computer mouse staged in the middle of the gallery on a bench, when you moved the mouse, the whole gallery would move. When you stopped moving it everything else would stop, except for the music, which was playing on a loop. Most of the gallery was made up of a form of cloth hanging from the ceiling, these would move from a fan that was on the wall as you moved the mouse. The whole scene of the gallery, and feel was very ambient; from the moment you walked in it put your mind in another state more peaceful state of mind. When creating games I need to incorporate the sense of walking into another world, to make people feel like they have a connection with the protagonist and that they are with him in the game. Also, when you walked into the gallery your mind automatically wanted to see what it was all about, once you realized that the mouse would change the way the gallery looked, you wanted to move it. It’s important to re-create that sense of wanting to, or even needing to interact with object, people or places within the game. When that interaction happens there should be a reward for the player, like the way the gallery moved as you moved the mouse. As I work on my other project in Digital Media and Animation its important to remember to get my viewers to have that same wonder about something, to have keep them wanting to watch because they want to know what going to happen next.

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