Interactive Write Up

Play a game that you could play forever Analyze the interaction.

The game I could play forever is Plants vs Zombies. The game interaction is simple in Plants vs. Zombie’s; you only use the mouse as a way of clicking on objects, or your finger if you are using a tablet or phone. It’s not the actions that you do physically that make this game so much fun and playable again and again; it’s the mental process behind the small actions you make. When you make an action though physically small, it can make a big difference in the game. Laying down the smallest of plants could help you win or lose the game. The timing between the physical actions that lead to the virtual one is almost instantaneous. Once you put the plant in the ground they start shooting at the zombies, some shoot faster, some shoot slower, some more powerful, and some less. Whenever you lay a plant down you feel rewarded because that plant will serve its purpose to help you defeat all the zombies, which is the main point of the game, or because it will kill zombies until it is eaten by one.

Play a game that frustrates you Analyze the interaction.

The game that frustrates me is Flappy Bird. This game is about as simple as it comes when it comes to interaction. All you really ever do is click on the screen; this is a simple task with immediate results, which is flying. By flying you can have a chance to dodge the poles that have slots in them that have just enough of a slit in them to let you fly through. When you fly through these poles you have to look ahead to the next one to get through. The game was great for a lot of people because when you go through a slot you feel accomplished, it’s an immediate satisfaction and that satisfaction only grows the further you get. The frustrating thing about Flappy Birds for me is that it doesn’t progress past that, it doesn’t move on. The game has no way of bettering itself and you other then getting further in the slots, compared to Plants vs. Zombies where you can always make your playing field stronger, and more prepared for the next wave of zombies.

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