Student Critique

For this we had to do a critique of another classmates camera angles. For mine I did it on Jack Azueta’s photos in his post “Frame Exercise”.

Jack Azueta’s WordPress:

Close Up:

Close up is a little to close to close to camera, needs more headroom. And possible cut off a little more of the shoulders.

Long shot:

Needs to be further down so that you can see the whole body. There is appropriate headroom. Possibly position camera so that the speaker isn’t in the shot, it distracts viewer from looking at the main subject.

Balanced Image based on Gaze:

Effective image, angle of camera leaves a good amount of space on the left side to counter his gaze. The couch is good because it too guides your eye to the left side of the image.

Symmetrical Photo:

The light on the left side of the image is strong which makes this image more asymmetrical the symmetrical, also the chair on the far left is pretty obtuse compared to the nothing on the opposing side.

Asymmetrical Photo:

The light and the chair counter balance each other, which I would say makes this a more symmetrical photo. Although, there is a slight tip of the camera to the right side, which makes it appear a little more asymmetrical.

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