Yale Gallery Write Up

I recently had the privilege to tour the Yale Museum of Art. I have seen many galleries and artist, but never any “famous” artist, if you will. The Yale Museum of Art; however, had many artists works, like Picasso, Ruebens, El lizzitsky, Van gogh, Pollock, and many more. Seeing these artists’ works was truly an amazing experience. My professor’s have always said that the works are more visually striking in person, but you never know till you experience it for yourself.

I think that some of the works that I am doing in Interactive Design reflect the ideas of Jackson Pollock’s work, which was sporadic, yet controlled. In my Dataset project I have been assigned random information; how I interpret that data is up to me. I will never be able to completely tell my information what to do, just guide it in certain directions, much like Pollock and his works. He had certain colors he would use, but would splatter the paint so that the colors were semi-uncontrollable on how they would get splashed on the canvas.

All of the works were admirable, but Pollock stood out to me the most. I hope that in the future, I can see more of his work, and be able to create work as striking and moving as his was to me.

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