Calibrating Color Write Up

I went to the Cohen Gallery in Alfred. The exhibition showing was the Calibrating Color. This exhibition was comprised of many artist works. The exhibition celebrates ceramics as a site for phenomena of color. The exhibition took place from April 9th to May 8th, 2015.

The works evolved around ceramics and to me it was a special experience. I have grown up in Alfred for my entire life, and have always seen the ceramic art but never gave it much thought; however, now that art has become an everyday part of life for me, I love seeing how people work with ceramics to make something meaningful to themselves. In the exhibit everyone had some guidelines set for them, working with ceramic and color. Even with these guidelines, though, all of the works were completely different. The artists were able to adopt these guidelines and still create something that was unique and had meaning to them.

Within the Digital Media and Animation major there are many times where I, as student am put in that same position; as in, my teachers will give me parameters for certain assignments, but how they are interpreted will vary from student-to-student. In Interactive Authoring specifically, I have had many assignments where I was given those parameters, yet had been told to really stretch those parameters to create something unique to me individually, much like the Calibrating Color exhibit had with using ceramics and color.

It was interesting to be able to compare this exhibit to my own work and my own classes. Seeing how other artists work is inspiring, and I cannot wait to continue to grow in this way.

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