Student Critiques

Kyle Schmitt- Pace

This animation looks good for the most part, but there are just some things in it that could be executed better. For starters it appears as if his body weight is shifting back and forth within the animation, it’s as if in some parts that his upper body is to far forward for it to be a normal walk. It also feels like the animation is a little bit jumpy, it feels like it jumps ever so slightly every once in a while.

His feet seem like they are constantly in a position where he is trying to touch his toes to his leg, so they are always in an acute angle, which feels unnatural to look at in the animation. His neck also feels unnaturally stiff, almost as if he is wearing a neck brace. Arms feel like they are being led by his hands, need to get more overlap and follow through to make the swing motion more clear.


Ian Potash- Walkcycle

In Ians Walkcycle Resubmission there are several things that could be worked on. First of as you can see clearly that his character has some serious problems with his hips moving to much on the z axis. They move so extremely side to side that it would be impossible for someone to balance himself or herself and walk like that. His heads movement was good as far as having it move the right way, but it was yet again to extreme.

There is some popping of the legs in both legs throughout the animation. The arms are too popping in certain points in the animation. Also, with the arms it appears to be that the hands are leading his arms as they swing back and forth. The arms also don’t swing far enough back to make it look natural.



There are many good and bad things with this animation. For starters the angle on the camera is pretty far away, so it’s hard to hear some of that details in the animation that you would like. In the way beginning of the animation the character looks as if his whole top is not moving at all, but his bottom is. It makes the start of the animation look awkward. There is lots of popping in the legs throughout the whole animation. Along with the popping of the legs there is some popping in the arms.

Overall this animation isn’t bad; there are just several aspects of the animation that needed more work done with. A lot of the work could have been fixed in the graph editor, such as popping of the legs and the overall smoothness of the animation. Lastly this animation doesn’t have much of a conclusion, with a little more of something at the end would have made this animation that much stronger.

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