Wood Project

P1140093 copy

3D-Design, Bulsa Wood, 05/08/2014

Trying to create a piece of art by subtracting chips of wood from the overall piece was both challenging, and enjoyable. Learning how to work with the wood carving tools, and figuring out which ones I preferred the most, was a very fun experience. I liked carving wood because I normally have to build things from the bottom up; however, when creating wood you have to think about the object in the opposite way, and try seeing through the wood at the sculpture within, which I believe is the same way Michelangelo felt when he said “I saw an angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.”

I found that working with the wood was relaxing and meditative. It gave my mind a chance to be able to do nothing but focus on the inner sculpture and how I was going to bring that forth by peeling away the outer wood one piece at a time. And although I did enjoy working on this piece, it was a relief to see the final product finished and looking exactly how I had pictured it would.

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