Modular Design

DSC_0047      DSC_0049

3D-Design. 10′ x 3′. Tyvec Paper. Glue. Tape. 3/7/2014


This work of modular design was created as apiece show the decline in panda bears, and how we have affected that decline in a negative way. The panda at the bottom of the pole is much larger and more realistic features then the rest of the pandas. As the pandas get up the pole they get smaller and more abstracted. This stands for the panda bears becoming less and less, while the pole stands for humans and how we are affecting them.

In the future we could take it and make more then one-bamboo tree to get more of an Asian jungle then a singular bamboo tree. Also in further designs it could be possible to create some of the pandas so that various parts of them move.

We tried really hard to create an origami piece that used the least amount of other objects possible, Meaning we tried really hard to just use paper. Even though it wasn’t entirely possible we came as close as we could.

The process of building the sculptor with our hands helped give us the personal experience one can only get by accomplishing such craftsmanship. The manual and mental process of building graced us with feeling emotionally attached to the work, therefore enabling us the will power to do the best we could. This resulted in us creating an aesthetically pleasing work of art that was enjoyable to build throughout the whole process.

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