Week 7 Journal

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Talk about your growth, new goals, and what it means to be an artist.

So far this semester, I feel I have grown in many ways.  One of the things I have become better at is learning how to draw muscles on the human body, not only that but I have noticed how much easier it is for me to create a drawing from looking at a live model, and becoming more accurate in doing so.

Being an artist is so much more than simply creating good drawings, it is having meaning and direction behind those drawings.  Taking what you have learned and apply it to something that matters to you is what art is all about.

what aspect of figure drawing did you want to improve? How have you addressed this area? Discuss your success and failure.

In figure drawing, I truly wanted to become better at drawing an actual human body, also, I wanted to discover how to stretch or condense parts of the body to create interesting characters.  I learned in drawing caricatures in class just how far you can take the human head to be able to change it to make it look more, or less like the person you want it to be.

Also, in this class I have been trying to become better at making compositions, and also drawing up close.  I find it hard to draw things when they are close because of the increase in the details.  It makes it difficult because it adds so many facets to the work.  So, I have been pushing myself to draw in a closer range a get details that I might otherwise miss.

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