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Character Face

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Character story:

Name:  Barloc,

In American, the name Barloc means- strong warrior filled with love and hope.

Height: 6’ 2”

Oval face

Part machine part human

Has right arm as a gun.


When Barloc was a little boy his father used to beat him, and tell him that his life could never amount to anything. For these reason he grew up hating his father, but he never let the way his father treated him get him down. Barloc wasn’t alone when it came to his father abusing him; he also had a little brother who went through the same abuse. Being older he always felt that he needed to protect his little brother. When Barloc turned 18, his father abused his little brother, too much, and it pushed him past his breaking point, without hesitating he killed his father to save his little brother.

After that incident he ran away and enlisted in the army where he hid what he had done. Barloc did well in the army; it felt like home to him, he liked the idea of killing people to save his country and its people. He often wrestled with his own mind. The thought of liking to kill someone, was it right even if it’s to save a country?

On a mission to take down a facility that was trying to make the ultimate warrior, something went terribly wrong, and all the men in his unit died. These men were friends of his who worked with him many years. He was captured, beaten, bruised, but that was only the beginning. Shortly after, Barloc was turned into one of their test subjects, and what they turned him into, he would never be able to undo.

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