Week 4 Journal

Bone and Muscle study:


Scan 3


Scan 2

Character study:

Scan 1Scan 4Scan 8Scan 7

My Canon of Beauty:

Scan 9

Post It Notes:

Scan 10

Artist Copy

Scan 5  Daumier_dancers

Scan 6  RMN165507


This week I really tried to focus on really loosening up my drawings. I have been focusing on doing this for the past four weeks now, and I am finally starting to see the hard work paying off. Even though it is still tough to be loose, my mind is breaking away from strict lines, and is more willing to make loose vibrant work. Being looser has improved my creativeness, this is because I am getting better posses and having the confidence to make those changes. In some of my sketches of my character you are able to see where it was that I either moved the positions of the legs and arm for a better outcome.
When I was drawing my character I tried not to look at some other model to go off of. I did this because I wanted to further my ability to draw without models, I think its important to be able to draw from memory. Having that talent will help me later in life when I am creating animations. Even though it was tough, and not all my drawing turned out well, I still learned lots and was able to push my abilities further then I normally do.

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