Journal week 3

Bone and Muscle study:


Scan 6


Scan 7

Drawing of people:

Scan 20 Minute drawing


10 faces

Canons of Beauty:


When the Egyptians drew people they always would draw them from the side, which showed.

  • Side view of the face, with a frontal eye
  • Side view of the shoulders
  • Side view of the chest with one breast
  • Side overview of the bottom part of the body and two left feet
  • Regular proportions in the body measures:

The measurements they used were:

  • The body is four shoulders long
  • Men shoulders are 6 fists wide and women’s are 5 fists wide.


The unit of measurement is unknown but is thought of as the length of a finger or the length from the hairline to the jaw. Polykleitos also set the standards of symmetria, by setting the lengths of various body parts equal to each other.

The Byzantine Ideal of soldierly beauty could encompass these traits:

– Young in the prime of life

-Curly-haired as hyacinth blossoms




-Finely clad


-Milky-white teeth

-Densely built

-Perfect symmetry


In this weeks journal one of the main things I learned is that I have a harder time drawing when I don’t have an easel. This is probably because when I draw in a book my arm doesn’t have as much space to move around like it does at an easel. So now if it is possible, I am going to draw with an easel.

Also, while I was drawing people I realized the difficulties of clothing on people. Not only because some clothing has lots of ripples in it. But also because when the person you are drawing moves the slightest little bit, it moves the clothing to a different position.

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