Necklace Project

_MG_9445 _MG_9455 copy copy_MG_9438 copy 1 

3D-Design. Adobe, Skeleton, Wire, Tape, Super glue. 2/4/2013

In this piece of art I tried to capture the essence of a living being using the remains of a dead being, or more than one in this case.  Building this creature of the dead was a major challenge. Since the bones were from different animals, it was difficult to get the pieces of bone to fit together to look like one unified structure or being.

The hardest obstacle I had to overcome when making this work was creating a clean look, with no physical evidence of how the bones are connected to the main wire.  I went through many different processes to figure this out; most included a lot of small wire wrapped around the individual bone pieces.  I did not like this part of the process because you could see the small wire in the end, which made for a sloppy looking piece of work.  So I came up with a whole new way to build this piece, which did not include the small wire and the intricate process of wrapping the bone.

For the photography section of this project, I chose to go to an open space outside where trees were easily visible.  I chose to do this because it gives a sense of freedom and stability; the young woman’s facial features and stances further propel that feeling of freedom, and personal stability.  When focusing the shots, I made sure to keep the focus on the art, and not of the young woman.  I did this because I didn’t want people getting too distracted with the model, so that they could focus their attention on the art.

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