Week 2 Journal

Bone Study

Scan 1Scan 2

Neck Muscle study


Body Form Study

Scan 5


Scan 4


Body Study

Scan4        Scan 1

Post it Notes


Facial Muscles

Scan 3Scan 3 copy

In my journal this week I learned lots about muscle and how they weave in and out of each other, but more importantly I got a better grip on how to draw the muscles accurately. During all of these drawing I tried to condense the amount of time it took me to draw them. Along with drawing quickly, I also focused on using the techniques that I learned in college to help me with my drawing abilities. That way I would get the best result in the quickest time.

Since I have been trying to draw faster I can tell that my hand has gotten more confident in drawing ability. I have been more easily able to make big decisions in the art that changed it majorly, but for the better. Sometimes in creating art you get comfortable with what you have on paper already, but it takes a confident hand to make the change needed to make it even better.

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