Color Wheel

Color wheel

Color Wheel. Watercolor. Ink. 24 x 24. 11/18/2013

1. Create a tessellation using complementary color.                                                                                 I used a lot of complimentary colors all around the four circles. I would mix them together to get the right color, and shade that I wanted. Mixing these specific set of colors together really helped me get a better grasp on colors and how they work.

2. – Using color value to create a design variation on the tessellation.                                                I used color value the most on the four circles. On the top right I had a very dark colors, and I slow got them lighter and lighter on each circle till the colors were hardly there.

3. – Create intensity change to the tessellation.                                                                                        Intensity change is used a lot in the squares around the four circles. But there is the most intensity change around the whole boarder, also in the cross like shape that is in middle of the piece. In this project I learned just how important intensity change is and why it is important, not only that but I learned the ups and downs to it. How it can help your work of art, or destroy it.

In this piece I also put in the three types symmetry.

1. – Rotation symmetry, this is apparent in the four circles.

2. – Reflection symmetry, both sides of this piece are exactly the same. So one side reflects the other, I added reflection symmetry by making the whole piece that way.

3. Translation Symmetry, I tried to create translation symmetry by making lines in the circle go in a circular motion. Giving that sense of translation symmetry.

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