Akira Response Post

Akira, the first Japanese movie to have the voice recorded before the animation created, was released in Japan in 1988, but it was not until 2001, that it was released in the United States.  While this was the first Japanese movie to be created in this way, America had already begun to make movies in this fashion.  Akira, with a run time of 124 minutes (Imbd), was directed by Katsuhiro Ohtomo, and the estimated budget to make this movie was 1,100,000,000 Yen.  The gross that came out of that was over 6,000,000,000 Yen in Japan.

Akira did well in the American box offices, which is why it is no surprise that someone would want to make another, similar movie for America.  There has been much discussion about the fact that Warner Brothers might recreate Akira, but because they did not want to invest 170,000,000 million in the movie they decided to cut the budget.  This eventually brought the budget down to around 90,000,000, but at this point fans were getting frustrated with the amount of time it was taking Warner Brothers to start getting the movie in motion, and with the little amount of money the company was putting in it.  The anger of their fans forced Warner Brothers to shut down the idea.  Even with that said, there are still rumors that Warner Brothers might try to bring the idea back again, but none of those sources are substantial enough to be for sure (Borys).


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