Wire Project

Original Wire Blueprint

METADATA-/scanq/scantofile0014.tif        METADATA-/scanq/scantofile0030.tif

Final Blueprint

Wire final copy

Final Result

1391826_532998630123818_913914307_n     994389_532998623457152_1236656854_n1454669_532998633457151_1262553215_n

In this wire project I tried my best to duplicate a human arm.  I attempted this because I wanted to see, up close and personal, how the human body really works.  While creating the arm, I learned many interesting things about it, such as, exact measurements and the intricate form which the muscles shape throughout the arm.  It was a great learning experience, not just in learning how to work with wire, but also in how the body works.

Learning how to work with a partner was major part of this project.  This was my first time working with someone on an art project, and I learned quite quickly that both of us had strong points, which the other did not have to the same extent, and by splitting the work to match what we were individually better qualified for, we succeeded in creating a better final product.  Although it make have been difficult, we were able to figure out how to take both of our ideas, and compromise enough to make the project come together in a cohesive way.

In the past I have been successful at quickly creating, or drawing whatever it was that I was doing; however, with this wire project I had to take that quickness and tone it down a few steps, mainly because with wire sculpture you always have to double check everything, and make sure that everything is measured and adjusted perfectly before you can continue with the project.  Having one minor section wrong could create a major problem overall and potentially make the entire sculpture look terrible.  While this was one of the most difficult projects I have had to create so far, it was an amazing learning experience, and I believe that I was able to create something that I am truly proud of.

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