Glitch Gif




In the Gifs I created, I chose to try to control natural motion, or create opposition to nature by using glitching.  In some of the Gifs, I attempted to control natural movements on the earth.   The Gif in which I used a wave, I attempted something slightly different, and tried to change the way the wave actually worked.  In this Gif, I was experimenting more with the viewers mind, trying to make the viewer visualize something different and a little unnatural, and getting them to think the wave was going up, as opposed to crashing down like waves naturally do.  This opposite style is to get the mind of the viewer to think in opposition of the natural order of life.  I believe that I achieved what I was attempting in the Gifs I created, and was able to make something which the viewers mind would think about differently from the normal thought processes which their brains create daily.

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