Identifying Print Making Techniques


This is Statue #24, it is an Etching done by Fan Min.

In This photo there is lots of contrast and noise. The contrast comes from all the bright orange and reds against the dark blue background. The visual noise that is happening is very loud through the contrast of colors, and through the motion the artist created by making some lines thicker then others.

For etching a thin metal plate is covered with a gooey substance that is then heated on the plate. When it is done heating it is then taken and the artist scratched out the design of his choice.  When he is done he will proceed to put it in acid where the acid will disintegrate the part of the metal that was scratched out. When that’s done you take it and cover it with ink making sure ink gets in the scratched out places. You then taking a etching press and press it on a piece of paper. 


This is Cheers by Si Xinping, this work of art is done by a Lithograph.

Lithography works on the chemical principle that grease and water repel each other. To start off the process a artist will flatten and smooth out a lithography stone, Then he will mark out the background of the art with a greasy material. He then will draw the desired image on to tracing paper and then dust the front of the sheet with iron oxide. He will then place the sheet of paper face down on the block and retrace again on the block. When that is done the artist can choose to draw freely with a lithographic pencil, the artist can also scrape the block to bring out highlights. When the artist is done he will put two layers of powder on to soak up the rest of the oils, then he will put more oils on with nitric acid. When printing the artist will put on a thin layer of ink and a piece of paper, he then will continue to press it. When the paper is slowly removed the image will be on it.


This is Line up by the right side#4 by Li Jun, this art is done by Woodcut.

Framing in this piece of art is important because through the help of framing the artist made it look like the girl is looking up at something. He did this by leaving the left side of the frame open with no part of the girl touching it, but the whole right side is consumed with the girls body.

Woodcut is done in a couple different ways. The main way of making a woodcut print is by drawing out what you want. When you are done with that, you then take the drawing and put it on a flat woodblock. Then you would carve all around that image you had drawn so that all around the image the block would be a little deeper. When that step was done you would cover the part sticking up with ink. You would then put that block on paper and press it, when you then take off the woodcut; on the paper would be your desired art.

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