Abstract Animation

Mclaren was from Canada and worked a lot with the NFB (National Film Board of Canada). One thing that he was known for is creating his own sounds by scratching out the side of film where the sound strip is. By scratching out different sizes and lengths he could create different volume and pitch of sound.                                                                                    In McLarens stop-motion animation he made the idea behind it smooth and easy to understand but, at the same time he made the actual footage itself pretty easily apparent that it was stop motion. As in, he made his films choppy but smooth in a sense that it was easy to understand what was going on in the film. Overall he had many Different types of movie making techniques that he used, but within all those techniques, for the most part, he used brighter colors that gave off a happy feeling.                                                                             I tried to get that same choppiness into my film. I did that by making my shapes move a further distance between each shot. Also, I tried to get those bright colors in my animation to try to get that Mclaren flare to it.

Paper for animation

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