Chair         chair

22 x 30. Watercolor Paper. Charcoal. 10/3/13


Draw the chair placed in the studio with Charcoal.  

My Chair is the result of seven weeks of preparation and work.  Before even starting the chair I learned the skills, techniques and knowledge I needed to complete it. Some major things I learned that helped was how to critique my own work, and how to be able to draw a object as a complete object, compared to drawing segments of an object and somehow having it come together in the end.

The skills that I needed to make the chair came mainly through various art assignments that were specifically designed to help complete the chair. There is one in particular that helped me the most I feel, which was drawing the paper on the ground with stripes. That assignment stretched me the most and really helped me get a good grasp on atmospheric perspective and how to make depth with lines.

Looking at and critiquing my work as I am drawing is important key that I learned. I was showed this in class critiques leading up to the chair project. It gave me the eye I needed to look at my chair, and then correctly make the decisions needed to make to my chair the best it could be.

I’ve learned technique with the help of all the classes I have been taking. Either through learning the history of animation and what I like best, or by creating my own art and drawing what represent me and what I stand for, and what I want to represent in my work.

In the end all my classes I am taking have been, and will continue to stretch my abilities and help my find out where I belong in the art and animation community. Not only finding out that, but also acquiring skills needed to convey what I have in my mind onto the canvas or computer. This chair is one good example of me putting my ideas on paper, and also how far I have come since the beginning of the semester.

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