Mr. Bug Goes to Town

      Mr. Bug Goes to Town, an animation that was once loved by many people, and still is to this day. With that said, this movie had many problems early on in the making of it. One of the biggest problems for Fleischer studio in making this animation was that the studio had just recently moved from New York City to Miami, Florida. This move was a big expense for the studio and it put them in too much debt. (Brarrier) Not only that, but they had just created their first animation movie, Gullivers travels.

After Gulliver was made, Mr. Bug Goes to Town went into the making. But the financial debt the studio had created from making Gullvers Travels was too much so they had to sell out to Paramount halfway through the making of Mr. Bug. (Brarrier) Luckily for the Fleishcher brothers, Gulliver had given them just the right amount of publicity and money for Paramount to give them the “ok” for them to make their second feature film Mr. Bug Goes to Town. (Miller)

In 1914, the Fleischer studio had created an elaborate three-dimensional perspective set for the feature film Mr. Bug Goes to Town. This set was built out of balsa wood and plastic, and took four months to build. The set was built on a steel turntable that could move up and down and sideways. The drawings of buildings were then placed six feet in front of the set giving it the effect of a three-dimensional world. (CartoonBrew) This was a very unique feature to this film and made it, to some extent, Avant-garde in the world of 3D.

Sadly, Mr. Bug Goes to Town was released at a bad time in history, just two days before the bombing on Pearl Harbor. This was very bad for the movie, not many people wanted to go see any movie during this time of sorrow, especially not a movie as jolly as Mr. Bug Goes to Town. (Miller)

      Mr. Bug Goes to Town, in one sense, at the time was never really a huge hit in the world of animation. Many people thought it had a poor story line and was simply un-entertaining. But, at the same time, many people remember and love the movie to this day, making it a legend in the history of animation.

Mr. Bug goes to town

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