Exploring shapes and space

Heart 2 final

Heart final

2D Design. Graphite. Pen. Colored Pencil. 11 x 14. 9/23/2013

Create a symbolic design that expresses who you are. Show a geometric and organic representation of the design, one in an open composition the other in a closed composition.

In my first design I used lots of geometric shapes, also I made it closed compostion. I tried to use color to focus your attention in the middle and then have your eyes be directed from the middle out.

For the second piece I made it more organic and made it open compostion. I made it so that your eye focus’s in the middle and then slow drifts up and to the left till its completely off the page.

I used each symbol in the works to represent something in my life, nothing was done or put in for no reason. I used the heart as a center piece in both works because it represented my family and friends that I love. The drum sticks and paint brushes that are the tubes connected to it represent the things I like to do and who I am. The boat and the water are because I have always loved the ocean and being on a boat. I incorporated the  fish into my heart because I have always loved fish, and because fish represent Christianity. The cross is another thing that reflects my religion.

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