Expressing Pattern As Design

FIsh scale project       Fish Scale final

2D Design. Graphite. Colored pencil. Charcoal. 22″ x 28″ Poster board. 9/15/2013.

1. Create a realistic drawing: For my realistic drawing I used shading and intense detail to try to make this as real looking as possible. Each scale is drawn the same, but has a slight difference to it, Just like real scales.

2. Explore your subject in three dimensions: For this I cut into pieces of paper to make origami scales. Then I stacked these scales on top of each other so that they looked like the scales on a fish.

3. Create a detail. My detailed drawing is of a single close up scale of a fish. Then I cut it out so that you could see easily the overall shape of the of a single scale, and it makes it easier to understand that its one single scale when its cut out.

4. Stylize the form. I did this in a way that I think of fish scales. Its what most came natural for my stylized version of fish scales.

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